Things That interest me

Something about going fast. Getting from point A to B in a timely manner. Taking the roads less traveled. Just you in the Animal under hood.

I feel love with the red brake calipers. The way the tires grip the road and the rear squats when being launched to the moon.

Everyone has a sunrise

The sun rose over the City Of Atlantis (thought I was going to find out of this world technology)..... I was just kidding it's the Bahamas (Paradise Island) honestly one of my favorite places. I can honestly say we have a beautiful star.


Astrophotography is a challenging but incredibly rewarding pursuit that allows us to capture the beauty and wonder of the universe. With the right equipment, techniques, and a little bit of patience, anyone can capture stunning images of the night sky and share the magic of the cosmos with the world.


Nature photography is a powerful way to connect with the world around us and appreciate the beauty of the natural world. Through the lens of a camera, we can capture stunning images of landscapes, wildlife, and the intricate details of plants and flowers.

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